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Metashar Dillon / CEO

Mrs. Metashar Bankhead Dillon is the epitome of brilliant, yet humble, 4th generation entrepreneur since age 18 with a extraordinary sense of social responsibility.  She developed the Women Global Entrepreneur Competition (WGEC), Technology Innovation Green-renewable Energy (TIGRE) over 20 years ago.  In 2012 the WGEC Gala was launched in Connecticut for Women all over the World to begin a work to further provide a work for Women Entrepreneurs through WGEC TIGRE Tour for future generations of Entrepreneurs to leave legacies that will be long lasting forever. To establish a New Day, New Era of Pioneers, setting a standard for Women, Mothers, Wives, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Mentors, Trailblazers and Champions.

Jane Helf


The mission of the KIEDC is to create an integrated and dynamic network of business, innovations, technology, academic and policy stakeholders delivering strategic and effective knowledge exchange. A strong network will enable us to realize our vision of:

Better positioning small businesses in reaching US/global market opportunities.

To “future-provide” and continue to adapt to the global demand for green and sustainable energy, technology and innovation.

To span all members of the entrepreneur markets, with an emphasis on women and their global enterprises.

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Our objective is to develop a pipeline on new business ideas and entrepreneurs that impact whole communities and fuel the new global economy.