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KIEDC/ WGEC and networks respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask all of our users, and viewers that visit to do the same. KIEDC /WGEC and Networks may at its discretion terminate access to users, members, or visitors who infringes the intellectual property rights of others. If you have any reason to believe that you network has been copied and is accessible on the KIEDC/ WGEC website or its networks in a way that constitutes copy right infringement, you may contact us KIEDC / WGEC to notify the appropriate officials, under the terms of digital millennium copyright act ("DMCA") by providing its copyright agent with the following information.

1. An electronic version or physical signature of the person ought the rise to act on behalf of the instant company for owner of copyright interest.

2. A description of the copy writing work that you claim has been infringed upon.

3. A description of the copyright material that you claim is infringed located on the website.

4. Name address telephone number email address.

5. A statement by you that you had a good faith Belief that the dispute user is not authorized by the copyright owner its agent, or law; and etc.

6. A statement by you made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner the rise to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

The DMCA contains very specific guidelines as to what proper notification of claiming infringement must contain copyright owners may obtain a copy of DMC eight, including these guidelines, by visiting the website of the US copyright office at 17/92 chapter 5.HTML #512.

KIEDC/WGEC is not required to respond to notices that do not meet the requirements of the DMCA please note that under section 512(f) of the DMCA, any person who knowingly materially misrepresent that material actively is infringing may be subject to liability. KIEDC/ WGEC will immediately and actively refer complaints who use the DMCA for improper purposes without permission to relevant law enforcement agencies. In the conclusion, or event that KIEDC/WGEC must remove, or disable access to materials that is alleged to infringe another's copyright under the DMCA, you acknowledge and agree that KIEDC/WGEC may use our judgment to disable access to your entire account on our websites.

DMCA Counter Notification Requirements:

1. Physical or electronic signature of the responded I (i.e.) allegedly infringing websites owner or a person off the rise to act on respondents behalf.

2. Identification of the copyright work claimed to have been infringed.

3. Identification of the material too and friends, but including you are LS and Pacific descriptions of the infringing materials at each URL.

4. The Respondents name, address, and telephone number(s).

5. A statement under penalty of perjury that the respondent has a good faith belief that the material was removed or disable or is a result of mistake on misidentification.

6. A statement that the respondent consents to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the respondent address is located, or if the respondent address is outside of the US. For any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that the respondents will accept service and process from the complaint (or agent thereof).

KIEDC/WGEC is not required to act upon or respond to counter notices that do not meet the requirements of the DMCA. Please note that under section 512(f) of the DMCA, the person who knowingly or materially misrepresents any material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake on this identification may be subject to liability.

KIEDC/WGEC copyright officer (agent) for Notice of Claims of copyright infringement on the site is KIEDC/WGEC corporation at PO Box 330364, West Hartford, CT 06133-0364 Attn : copyright agent.